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Mario has a ton of familiarity to all ages around the world. He is seen as one of the most classic characters ever created. Everyone love him. Mario Plush is especially adorable and there has been mass hysteria for 35 years.

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Happy Customers

rv1 - Mario Plush


This little Mario plush is great!Very good quality, soft fabric, all the stitching is strong. The perfect size for my 4-year-old, and holding up well to all the rough play that a preschooler tends toward! Looks just as pictured. We are very happy with this toy!

rv2 - Mario Plush


I absolutely love him. He’s perfect for my collection and will have a special little place on my self when I rearrange it!

rv3 - Mario Plush


Very nice, my son is happy, good quality

rv4 - Mario Plush


I love this plush so much, the quality is amazing for the price. It’s real! Very nice quality and it’s is very big!


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Which Mario plush toy is best? 

The Mario universe is well fleshed out and has a variety of toys that feel entirely natural, from the Mushroom Kingdom. Characters like Toad and Yoshi make for great plush toys and are especially popular among kids and die-hard fans who just can’t get enough of Mario. Mario plush toys are an excellent item for kids and die-hard fans.

The Little Buddy Super Mario All Star Collection 1414 Mario Stuffed Plush is a fantastic plush toy that’s an official Little Buddy, and comes with features like red hat and overalls of the iconic Mario character.

What to know before you buy a Mario plush toy


  • Some of Mario’s versions such as the turtle and the bunny, have been more successful than others. There are also plush toys that recreate some of Mario’s many other incarnations.
  • The original Mario came from the Super Mario Bros. series, which is about running through obstacles and reaching a goal- to save Princess Peach in this case.
  • Mario is a Wario-themed Mario characterized by wearing a white lab coat, stethoscope on his shoulders and a disc on his hat.
  • A power-up originating in Super Mario Bros. 3 where Mario has a racoon suit and flies, smashing into enemies with his tail.
  • Mario’s toddler-aged form in Yoshi’s Island and Mario Kart is the baby version of Earth.
  • Cat Mario originated from Super Mario 3D Land. Cat Mario is a suit that allows for superpowers, such as the ability to claw and climb walls.
  • This enemy of Mario is a metallic version who ultimately tries to thwart his plans in Mario Sunshine. Metal Mario is most known for being a playable racer during the Nintendo games, but has been popularized in the widely played and successful Mario Kart series.

Plush size

Mario Plush toy

Plush toys come in many sizes ranging from 4 to 12 inches, but the popular size is usually 6-10 inches tall. When considering the recipient of a plush toy, look at price, size and other factors like whether or not they prefer small or large plush toys.

Where to buy Mario Plush?

Right here on You will find many plush toys that you like.

How much is Mario Plush?

Mario plush toys can range from $10 to $30, with the more complex and luxurious versions costing more than $20.


How Many Super Mario Plushies are There?

About 67 Super Mario plushies, including small items like keychains.

What was the First Mario Plush?

It was The Mario & Wario Wario plush, first released in 1994 in Japan.

What other characters would Mario fans love in plush form?

Lots of memorable Mario characters have made the list of fan favorites, such as Toad and Yoshi who are non-human characters and also many others, including Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser and Donkey Kong.

Can you Gift Someone a Mario Plushie?

Mario is one of the most successful, recognizable characters in the world. Nearly all children know Mario. If you’re not sure what Mario would get your child, consider a plush toy. However, if you know your child’s personality, find a gift to fit their interests.