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Mario has a ton of familiarity to all ages around the world. He is seen as one of the most classic characters ever created. Everyone love him. Mario Plush is especially adorable and there has been mass hysteria for 35 years.

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Why you love Mario Plush

  • Soft and cuddly material: Mario plush toys are typically made of a soft and plush material such as polyester fiber, which makes them comfortable to hold and play with.
  • Colorful and detailed design: Mario plush toys often feature the iconic red and blue color scheme of the character’s outfit, as well as detailed facial features such as the mustache and cap.
  • Different sizes and styles: Mario stuffed toys are available in various sizes, ranging from small keychain-sized toys to large, life-sized versions. They may also come in different styles, such as classic Mario, Super Mario Bros., or Mario Kart.
  • Durable and well-made: High-quality Mario plush toys are designed to withstand the wear and tear of frequent play, with reinforced seams and stitching that ensure they won’t easily fall apart.
  • Collectible value: Mario plush toys can also have collectible value, with rare or limited edition versions of the toy becoming highly sought after by collectors.

Happy Customers

rv1 - Mario Plush


This little Mario plush is great!Very good quality, soft fabric, all the stitching is strong. The perfect size for my 4-year-old, and holding up well to all the rough play that a preschooler tends toward! Looks just as pictured. We are very happy with this toy!

rv2 - Mario Plush


I absolutely love him. He’s perfect for my collection and will have a special little place on my self when I rearrange it!

rv3 - Mario Plush


Very nice, my son is happy, good quality

rv4 - Mario Plush


I love this plush so much, the quality is amazing for the price. It’s real! Very nice quality and it’s is very big!

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Mario is a beloved video game character who has been entertaining gamers for over three decades. He was created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981 and made his first appearance in the game Donkey Kong as “Jumpman”. He was later renamed “Mario” in the game Mario Bros., which was released in 1983. Mario is known for his iconic red and blue outfit, which includes a red hat with an “M” on it, a blue shirt, and blue overalls. He has a thick black mustache and brown boots. Mario’s design is simple yet distinctive, making him instantly recognizable to gamers of all ages.

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